Did you know that I am NOT a shadetree graphic designer and multimedia artist?💡⁣

In fact, I am actually academically trained and independently/professionally skilled.⁣

Born/raised/living in Chicago. Sarcastically humorous and quiet, very quiet. I am a graphic designer, photographer, aspiring filmmaker, artist, and everything else with a double major and a minor.

I look forward to having a cafe/restaurant/gallery/theater. I love movies and music (I could literally make a movie that essentially is a soundtrack of my life). An avid video game player since the age of 8. I have one good stupid human trick *shhh*. I actually like science and math. I watch the stock market and cartoons. I can figure out anything. I eat healthy. I also have a few collections.

Hi, my name is Kamilah S. Autmon. I’m someartworker.

Head this way to see some of my work. I have magic. Thanks.

I am also on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/someartworker

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